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Thank you for your interest in our software products and our programming services. Our primary products are SafetyWise VB Safety System and FleetWise VB Fleet Managment Software.  We are happy to mail you a demonstration copy or a trial copy of any of our software. We can arrange a telephone demonstration of the software's features. Also, we are happy to discuss any software development projects you may have. We provide firm quotes on any project.

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All About Computers, Inc.
1929 Greenwood Avenue 
Jacksonville, FL 32205
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Fax #: (904) 381-0017

Company Information

1985 - All About Computers, Inc. is founded as a Florida Corporation. We provided software design services, training and accounting software support.

1990 - All About Computers created our first fleet Maintenance software. It was a DOS system.

1993 - We introduced our first windows based fleet Maintenance software called FleetWise for Windows. This product operated under Microsoft Windows 3.1.

1995 - FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software was introduced. This product was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. It used the Microsoft Access Database. It was designed specifically for Windows 95.

2000 - We introduced FleetWise VB Version 3. It uses the Microsoft Access Database. It operates under Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT.

2004 - FleetWise VB .Net was introduced as our flagship fleet maintenance software. This software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic .Net and uses either the Microsoft SQL Server Database or the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE). It operates on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and Windows Vista.

2008 - FleetWise VB Version 5.0 is introduced. This system provides the latest technology to simplify Fleet Maintenance. The major emphasis in the design of this software is making it the easiest software to use.

2012 - We introduce FleetWise VB version 6.0 Fleet Maintenance Software, SafetyWise version 2.1 Safety System and FleetWise Lite version 6.0 Fleet Maintenance System.

All About Computers has over 850 customers using our software. We have customers with as few as 10 units using the system. We also have Fortune 100 companies with over 5,000 units using our fleet maintenance software. We have customers all over the Unit States and customers as far away as Australia, Pakistan, Qatar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.